John Middleton explains his artwork to Yoshimi Furusho

A short film of John Middleton, where he explains his artwork to Yoshimi Furusho at his Redhouse Originals show in Harrogate on 12th November 2018

John talks, giving some background information, using anecdotes and his own personal philosophy to describe how he created some of his paintings.

The film is approximately 37 minutes long and John talks about many of his paintings in the show, some to a greater or lesser extent – you can either watch it in its entirety HERE or go straight to some of the paintings described by clicking on corresponding thumbnail images above – or the titles below.

Bunk Bunk Bunk – starts the film at the beginning

Idiosyncratic Pattern II: is approx a 1/4 way-in

Slag Heap after Hokusai: Starts at 1/2 way-in

Know Your Place: at 3/4


Video by Geoff Clout from